Don't just plan your business... accelerate it!

Great business ideas and innovative concepts are born every day.  Like many successful business owners before you just need a little nudge in the right direction to help you get going.  Make the commitment to yourself to get started with our FREE 5-Day  Breakthrough Challenge to  make your dream a reality.

Accelerated Business Concepts is committed to providing you with the comprehensive tools and know-how to organize, establish or re-structure your business on your own terms, at your own pace. Our unique approach to business planning and management puts you in the driver seat with our simple, practical approach to proven business analysis and evaluation...performed by you. Our system is simple, regardless of your background or industry, you will become a Subject Matter Expert by gaining Knowledge, designing Strategy and planning for Execution. Make a commitment to yourself and together we will unlock your potential!

What Makes Us Unique?

The Philosophy

Access to education and resources for self/business-improvement is in your hands. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to realize your potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, part of a team or seeking professional development, our desire is to provide you with the tools you need for self-reliance and success by breaking the cycle of dependence on others and positively transforming and improving your business environment.

Freedom through information

The business climate is fast-paced and constantly changing leaving decision makers feeling left behind or with inadequate response times. Our program changes the paradigm of decision making by making you the Subject Matter Expert for your own business, minimizing risk and uncertainty with a solid plan for the future and gaining true freedom through information and data driven decision making.

Removing the Barriers to achieve success

Traditional methods of attaining industry specific information for planning and strategy development place heavy burdens on limited resources like time and money. We have developed our business with the core value that our job is to cultivate an environement for business growth, sharing and enlightenment. In doing so, we have removed the barrier of time by placing the entire process in your hands at your own pace and the barrier of money by providing our program in an affordable, risk-free manner.

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do.”  - Elbert Hubbard -

Message from the Founder


Emily C. Mainier, MBA

In the United States, small businesses make up 99% of US employer firms and 43% of the nation's high-tech employment.  Having had the opportunity to support and work within this community over the years, it has been my experience that individuals and organizations within this field possess some of the most innovative, passionate and creative approaches to problem solving in both the public and private sector.

As a small business advocate and mentor for more than ten years, I provide comprehensive advisory services to startup, small and growing firms using a partnership approach with management to create a plan and processes for sustainable, long-term success.  I strongly believe that creating a business, that will achieve profitable growth, is only possible through the collection and analysis of proper intelligence at the outset, regardless of your business or industry.  With a background in Marketing and Operations Management, I have practiced and developed several techniques over the years to obtain this competitive intelligence.  

Accelerated Business Concepts (ABC) was born out of my desire to put that process and know-how in your hands, the decision makers, without a reliance on others (namely consultants) in an effort to help you make real, meaningful change in your business environment.  True leadership comes from your ability to become the Subject Matter Expert for your own business and the clarity to pursue and engage positive partners and business relationships to create a supportive and responsive infrastructure.  

Having had the opportunity to work with firms across a myriad of industries, I'm quite familiar with many of the obstacles we put in our way to achieving success.  I am most passionate about helping people fill their knowledge gaps so that they can break the cycle of dependence on others, gain confidence and find true freedom to create and sustain their business through information.

More importantly, I look forward to the opportunity to share that expertise with you and help you take the next step...turning your idea into a profitable reality! 

The ABC method will work for you regardless of your background or industry.  The only prerequisite is that you make a commitment to unlocking your potential.